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W I L L I A M   H E N D R I X

Dometic RV Air Conditioner and Refrigerator Parts and Repair

To RESET (Re-Boot) the Dometic DuoTherm 4 button thermostat:

Turn the thermostat ON

Touch any button to turn the Back Lights ON

Press and hold in the UP and DOWN Buttons

Press and Release MODE

Release the UP and DOWN Buttons

Press and Release MODE Again

The Back Lights will go out to signal success.

IF the Back Lights do not go our, repeat until they go out.

If your push buttons are stick in or skipping this may be difficult

To RESET the Dometic 5 Button Thermostat:

Press and Hold in the top and bottom buttons,

Turn ON the bottom On/Off switch

FF will appear, release the buttons.

IF EE appears, there is a fault with the communication cable